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Post by pow3r_-_rang3r on Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:57 pm

Here is the forum rules. You have to follow the following rules inorder to continue with this forum. Breaking any rules of this forum may result you instant banning without any warning.

1] Advertisement of other forums are not allowed in this Forum or in PM too.

2] Do not Flood the board, do not slang in board, any abuse of this forum and your id will be banned after 3 warnings.

3] Do not reply any topic containing thank you, welcome and cool etc in future. You can use the person's pm to give him thanks

4] After posting, please check and double check your topic for spam, sentences, dwell posts etc. For correction use EDIT option.

5] Please try to get your spellings right. Don't use slang.

6] Many people use search engines to search for information. If you type wrong spelling they will not be able to find your post.

7] Try to make post title attractive. Don't use all capital letters in post titles or all small case letters.
### Please don't use all capital letters in the forum posts. Typing in all caps is considered as shouting in online communities.
8] Respect all Groups of this Forum.


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