:::Mig33 Color Text Codes Revealed :::

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:::Mig33 Color Text Codes Revealed :::

Post by pow3r_-_rang3r on Sun Dec 09, 2007 1:43 am

Razz For those who don’t know, Mig33 is the most famous J2ME based Cellphone chatting application.
Normally when you chat on Mig33 all the conversations appear in black coloured text. But some crazy people discovered that by attaching some nasty characters in the message, the messages start appearing in red, green, blue colour. Razz

Be grateful to me n Njoy…

Code 1 :
\>.•°°°•.|.•°°°•.|.•°°°•.|.•Ά?:d \`.•°°°•.|.•°°°•.|.•°°°•.|.•Ά?:d
Code 2 :
\>.•°°°•.|.•°°°•.|.•°°°•.|.•Ά?:d \`.•°°°•.|.•°°°•.|.•°°°•.|.•Ά?:d
Code 3 :
\>I?_F-I?-R-I?-I_I?_E-I?-N_I?Ά?:d \`I?_F-I?-R-I?-I_I?_E-I?-N_I?Ά?:d
Code 4 :
\>I?_F-I?-R-I?-I_I?_E-I?-N_I?Ά?:d \~I?_F-I?-R-I?-I_I?_E-I?-N_I?Ά?:d
How to Use ?
1. Open Notepad
2. Copy the Code in the Notepad
3. Save the file as code.txt
4. Transfer the file to your phone via Bluetooth.
5. Open the received message and then copy the code and use in the Mig33 application.
For some cellphones, you first have to save the received message to notes and then have to copy it from there.
As i always say that these are not features, just some minor bugs in the Mig33 application, and as will be fixed in the next version of Mig33.
Note: These codes can also sometimes hang Mig33 application. Use at your own risk.
Enjoy !! cheers


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