How to do multi kick?

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How to do multi kick?

Post by pow3r_-_rang3r on Sat Dec 08, 2007 2:07 pm

The trick behind this is running as many mig jar files on your mobile
at a time. By using Nokia and O2 mobiles you can use this trick. Some
Nokia like 7610 can run 5 mig jar files at a time on the other hand
Nokia N70 and N80s can run more than 10 jar files at a time.

Just download many mig jar files to your mobile.

Run as many migs as you can from your mobile with different nick names and and enter in to the room

You may not start next kick if you have kinked some one recently so
make sure that you re enter in to the room to start another kick or use
some other user name start the kick.

It is very easy and fast to have multi-user
kick by using computer. Just download java emulator SJ boy and run any
amount of mig files on your desk top.

Be aware and keep in mind that multi-user
kick is illegal for some extend. And if u donít use it wisely mig33
will ban all your nicknames.


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